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Why? Many companies are now moving away from the traditional approach of priming one or two "successors" at the most senior levels of their business, towards grooming a range of potential CEOs and senior Executive Team members.

This can offer a more flexible pool to choose from when the time comes for changes at the top, based on the current needs of the business. What's more, with the average term of service for CEOs reducing all the time, companies need to be agile and ready to adapt at relatively short notice.

Wisdom8 Ltd supports clients in developing a selection of high potential 'emerging CEOs and senior directors' from inside, and sometimes from outside the business. In this way organisations ensure that they have well-prepared understudies that are ready to step into a major strategic team roles when and if the time is right.

For further information on Emerging CEOs/Senior Directors or to arrange a 1:1 meeting, contact us.